Fishing rod challenge! Can this guy break an Ugly Stik GX2?!

Are ugly stiks fishing rods really as tough as people say? They put this medium action Ugly Stik GX2 to the ultimate fishing rod challenge. They are determined to find out if we can actually break an ugly stik fishing rod, and it shows!

I’ve used a lot of good rods over the years. I’ve had good and bad in all the big and not so big rod brands. I have to say my favorite “USE TO BE” All Star before they sold out to Shakespeare. That is in no means a downer on Shakespeare because they make some really good rods. I have one of their GX2 rods that I drum and catfish with and it’s a beast.

I watched this one guy on YouTube from VA or maybe WV. His name is Luke and he owns the catfish and carp YouTube channel. He made a video about trying to break a Shakespeare GX2 Rod. It will blow your mind !

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