Footage of Trapped, Shot Coyote; ALIVE AND STILL COMING!

*CAUTION-this video contains graphic footage SPECIAL TRAPPING RESTRICTIONS FOR KY All traps must bear a metal tag giving either the name and address of the trapper, or a unique identification number issued by the department as well as the 1-800-25-ALERT phone number. Any trap found without a tag can be immediately confiscated by the department […]

Soft Shell Crawdads: Best Fishing Bait On Earth?…

First, a bit of biology. Crayfish (aka crawfish, crawdads, crawls, ditch lobsters, and mud bugs) are common in streams and lakes throughout the Kentucky and live a rather short life–usually less than two years. They have a hard exoskeleton, which is great for protection but must be shed in order for the crayfish to grow. […]

Hellgrammites are nasty, ugly and mean, but awesome bait

Unless you live under a rock, like a hellgrammite, and you are a fisherman, you have heard of this insect and know of its importance in the fishing world. If you fish a river in North America, especially for smallmouth bass, or maybe trout, you know what an important bait this denizen of the underwater […]

Smallmouth Strike; Fishtrap Lake with a GOPRO!

-graphic footage of a scared creek chub getting smacked- Is using live bait for smallmouth bass cheating?  Or is it the best way to insure a great day on the water? Tournament fishing has spawned an explosion in artificial baits that us anglers feel we have to have to be successful on the water. There […]

Fish Trap Lake Spillway With A GOPRO!

That is a lot of FISH! Free Guide To Underwater GOPRO Filming, Click the link below!

Bottom Of Dewey Lake Spillway With A GOPRO!

Check out all these HUGE fish! Learn How To Be A Underwater GOPRO – PRO!

Eagle: Animal Attacks & Facts

*this video contains graphic content Eagle Facts The eagle’s eyesight is especially remarkable. With vision about five times sharper than our own, an eagle can spot a target as small as a rabbit up to a mile away. In addition, an eagle has excellent depth perception due to the overlap, of the right and left […]

Coyotes: How to deal with them in Kentucky

Dangerous encounters, some images are graphic. The coyote is a native wild canine found throughout North America, even in our most urban areas. Their color, size and appearance varies across the range, but they are usually light gray to brownish-yellow with a light gray to cream-colored belly. Adult males in the northeastern U.S. typically weigh […]

That is one HUGE SNAKE!

If you hate snakes this will give you nightmares.   CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Take a look at the enormous timber rattlesnake found in Rob Freeman’s backyard in Cheatham County.   His wife and son were playing in the yard right before the venomous monster showed up.  It measured 6 and a half feet long and he says it […]

A new tick now in Kentucky: Asian longhorned ticks

The insect was first confirmed in the Bluegrass State from a single specimen found on an elk in Martin County in 2018. It is believed the species has continued its westward march since then, and could now be knocking on Ohio’s door. The tick, the Asian longhorned tick (or Haemaphysalis longicornis), has the potential to […]