Plan this Spring for HOT Fishing Spots in Kentucky this Summer

By Lee McClellanAssociate Editor, Kentucky Afield MagazineKentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Kentucky is blessed with fantastic aquatic resources in our 17 major reservoirs, dozens of smaller state-owned lakes and more flowing water than all but a few states. Fishing is a year round activity in the Commonwealth. Summer can be a tough time […]

Has Kentucky Gone Hog Wild?

These pigs are becoming a serious issue. An increase in the number of wild hogs at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area on the Kentucky-Tennessee border has officials considering options to get rid of the animals, including aerial gunning. Land Between the Lakes spokesman Chris Joyner told The Paducah Sun that the recreation area’s […]

Early Spring Time in Kentucky is Turkey Time

March, April, and May are turkey months throughout the hills and valleys across most of rural America. The popularity of turkey hunting is growing substantially from year to year. Huge flocks of females (hens), common throughout the winter season, begin to break up into smaller subgroups of two to five birds as the month of […]

Snakes on a boat

Hey, Snakes onboard! Our fishing story occurred at Leesville Lake, where we have a small fishing boat docked. During a couple of summers, a water snake lived part-time in our boat. I don’t know how it got up the side of the boat and under the boat cover, but from time to time we would […]

Big rains make smaller streams best choice for smallmouth

By Lee McClellan FRANKFORT – Many of us who remember the March 1997 floods in Kentucky recently had uncomfortable pangs of foreboding as storm systems dropping heavy amounts of rain freight-trained across the state. It looked like another 1997 for a day or so. Small, normally docile neighborhood creeks suddenly filled basements, eroded roadways and […]

3 Places To Look For Catfish This Spring

Spring rains bring high and warming water to much of the country every year. For anglers, it can be a time of feast or famine – you’ll catch the snot out of them one day, and be left scratching your head the next. Places to look for catfish can be particularly tough to find in the […]

Wild Turkeys & Morels, need I say more?

Turkey season opens April 13. That means it’s time to hunt morels. Morel mushrooms, that is. Morels are one of the wonders of the spring woods. They seem to appear overnight and are a culinary delicacy. Unlike turkey season, which is set by state fish and wildlife officials, mushrooms appear at the whims of nature, […]

How to Catch And Bait those Mean Ole Crawdads

One of the best live baits for most all fresh water fish, fun to catch too Some people call them crawdads, some call them crawfish or crayfish. I grew up in Kentucky and we always referred to them as crawdads, and I will refer to them from now on as such. As a kid I […]

It’s Spring Time, that means Tangle Gut is for dinner

This delicate, lovely plant is a traditional early spring green, eaten sauteed in bacon grease, with onion. It provides fresh vegetable matter early in the spring, before any type of lettuce or even most other wild greens are available. It is slightly succulent in texture, and very mild in flavor (especially as compared to many […]