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The Bluegrass Outdoor Journal covers everything outdoors & showcases our local people with their stories and pictures. Our publication also includes press releases from the KDFWR and bordering state wildlife organizations. Along with local outdoor event coverage such as quota hunts, kids events, bass tournaments, pretty much everything outdoors & more.

    We are located in the middle of Elk Country at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in the Star City of Prestonsburg Kentucky.

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Just A Little Note From Our Publisher :

If you ask me what I love about living here in Eastern Kentucky and growing up loving hunting and fishing, I could go on and on about the reasons I love it. Perhaps an easier question to answer would have been “What don’t you love about hunting and fishing?” Well, If you were to ask me that question it would have been a much shorter answer. I like to keep things simple, and simply put, It’s in our blood.

How about you? Why do you hunt and fish? What drives you? Just what is it you love about the experience? Have you ever really stopped to think about it? If not, I believe it is an exercise that just might make you appreciate these sports even more.

Feel free to share your own thoughts in the blog section on one of our many posts! Leave your input in the comments for a good ole fashioned conversation or a friendly debate. Either way, we would love to see your pics and hear your stories.

Thanks & God Bless,

John A. McKenzie – Publisher


(Don’t forget to take a kid hunting & fishing)